Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spirit Book Workshop at Barnard School

It's unusual to have the opportunity to give a non-curriculum specific workshop to teachers but the Barnard School in South Hampton, NH invited me to do an afternoon Spirit Book workshop as a way to give teachers a calm place to center themselves before the start of the school year. We used the front and back panels of grocery bags for the books and gathered natural materials outside. I think process is more important than product but you can see how wonderful the books they created turned out here.


P-A-McGoldrick said...

Susan, this is just wonderful!
As a newly retired teacher, I know the positive impact that such a hands-on, creative activity would have on staff. My personal favorite was the St. Benedict quote as I used to teach in a high school by that name.
So glad you shared the photos.

Rachel said...

There is definitely a calming peace, as you mentioned, in the making of a book. Just getting my hands and mind involved blots out all the cares I may have in my life. What a great project. I'm sure they appreciated it immensely.