Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bookmark Book

I was looking for a bookmark for a book I was reading and decided that I would make one and then use it to keep a record of the books I read. It's easy. All you need is paper (each sheet gives you 4 bookmarks and used paper with writing on one side is fine), a hole punch, and some twist ties. I write the title and author on the front of the book before I start reading the book. After I'm finished, I write about the book on the back: sometimes a summary, whether I liked the book or not, what I liked best, why I chose to read the book, etc. I haven't done a very good job of it but I'd recommend also writing the date. If you keep doing it, it will be fun to look back and see when you read the book.


P-A-McGoldrick said...

What an excellent idea!
Will give it a try!

Irēna said...

Great idea!

Amy LV said...

This is a very neat idea! I would like to try this with students...they could share their bookmark-books with each other and find new ideas for reading! A.

Jamie Hatfield said...

What a terrific "twist" on book reports! My kids are starting this project today!

Catherine said...

Super idea, thank you Susan. It is so easy to forget what, when and why one reads a particular book.I am going to make a 'starter' one for each member of my book group. We are going to be reading a book about snow so I intend to use a snowflake punch to decorate the first page.

Anonymous said...

Another great idea, Susan. I will pass on this to other teachers and I will be using it in my writing workshops and with literacy students.

P-A-McGoldrick said...

Enjoyed making some bookmark books with an adaptation for a new anthology that includes one of my poems.
Gave a bookmaking link in the bio post that I wrote as a contributor at

This is such a great way to keep track of books over the year!