Monday, December 20, 2010

Bookmaking in Latvia

What a treat to find this message from Irena from Latvia yesterday morning. I love the way we can make connections around the world these days. I do put a lot of time and effort into sharing on the web and it is gratifying to hear that it is being used. And she sums up how I feel about bookmaking, "When you start it you just can't stop."

Dear Mrs Susan,
my name is Irena Laurina, I live in Riga (Latvia). I found your blog this summer and was completely "in love" with this idea. I began to make different books using your nice videos and ideas.. and now I also have had some workshops for children and adults about making books from recycled papers.. When you start it you just can't stop, especially if you love the ecological and green things and lifestyle... I started blogging about my other hobbies, like glove and sock dolls, about my amazing cat and of course about bookmaking for children
I wish you a very nice Christmas days and a lot of new ideas next year!
I added some pictures from my last workshop with 2 adults and 3 children..
have a nice Sunday!

You can see Irena's work at


P-A-McGoldrick said...

How great to see all the creations!

The connectivity today is so far-reaching, Susan. So great to access for so many around the world!

PM_Poet Writer

TK said...

isn't the internet awesome?!

Nicky said...

Love the way you make books out of anything or is it everything!!? Was just wondering about recycling Christmas cards into bindings for books - have you done this already?

Irēna said...

Christmas cards are perfect for book covers...

Susie said...

Just found your site and am including it and videos in a list for our Latin American teachers in training in San Antonio. As part of our curriculum for their yearlong study in SA, we teach several bookmaking techniques since most of their rural schools have few textbooks or story books. Here's a link to a few pictures from some of their handmade books (each teacher makes lots of little books and also one major book project)
Whoops, sorry for duplication